Youston has big plans for 2019

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Three weeks ago, Youston with his new single ‘Everything And More’ a musical bombs explode. “The single is doing very well and I’m obviously very happy,”says the singer. The video clip for ‘Everything And More’, comes this week online!
‘Everything And More’ is not a kerstnummer but a swinging nederpopnummer with balls. “When my producer me the number showed to hear, I was immediately sold. It is a somewhat forgotten gem from 2012. David Vervoort polished the song completely and I lay down my pen for the text,”says Youston excited.
The inspiration for “Everything And More” was Youston from his own life. “Everyone ever has been in love or is still. And in the name of love’ what we do for our beloved the craziest things. This is the number actually: all the things (and more) that we would do for our partner to please.”

With a flashy number is of course an excellent video clip. Shortly after the release of the single, drew Youston with his productieploeg on the path to ensure that his fourth single of a flashy clip features would be. “Nowadays it’s not enough just to only on the radio,”cross Youston from the shore. “Thanks to a music channel Ment TV and onlineplatformen such as YouTube, to get artists a lot of attention. But it is sufficient for an audio version of the song no longer. Viewers want to – and enjoy – a beautifully finished clip. Images with the song, and the music say much more,” concludes Youston.

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