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World champion Eli Iserbyt bear in Heusden-Zolder no opposition to promises

e5e38cdd206eff28b72fdd6dd3a6863b - World champion Eli Iserbyt bear in Heusden-Zolder no opposition to promises

Eli Iserbyt has Wednesday the world cup in Heusden-Zolder won on the promises. The world champion took it for the Dutchman Maik van der Heijden and our fellow countryman Tim Kielich.

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No Tom Pidcock at the start in Heusden-Zolder, so it had to be Eli Iserbyt fight against some other boys who their chance clean saw to shine. The Eddy was Finé that the holeshot took on the fast course. Also Eli Iserbyt was a good way, just as the Swiss rider Loris Rouiller and a French trio.

It wasn’t long before Iserbyt took the cup, the Frenchman Legrand jumped on his wheel, but it was the world champion that almost entirely the opening lap to take over. After one round, we observed so a leidersduo Legrand Iserbyt, behind them followed a group of ten seconds, with the Dutchman Maik van der Heijden that the suit led.

Iserbyt was clearly the strongest and took away from Legrand that the company received from Maik van der Heijden. After a flat tire had to be the leader of Marlux-Bingoal, however, bike exchange which Legrand, and Van der Heijden returned to the front.

Iserbyt took, however, no gas back and sailed through. At the end of the second round, he was once again alone on the path. There was no measure on Iserbyt that round after round distance, and has performed as a soloist for the victory. More fight was for the minor placings and it was the Dutchman Van der Heijden who made it, for our compatriot Timo Kielich after Ben Turner in the last bend fall came when he along with some other sprinted for the final podium spot.

Pidcock retains its leading position in the standings with 220 points, Eli Iserbyt is now second with 191 points. Antoine Benoist has 180 points.

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