Which well known fellow died in January 2018?

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In this overview, we look further back. Because in 2018 we had to say goodbye to a lot of well-known people. January 2018 began dramatically as on 2 January died, Tony Calder, the British muziekpromoter was 74. Barely 2 days later died again a British superstar, musician Ray Thomas died, and was 76. On 5 January died Jack Gadellaa He was a Dutch writer and was 75.

On 6 January we had in our own country said goodbye to the Belgian radio dj Peter Van Dam, he was 75. On 7 January we said goodbye to the French superstar France Gall, a singer of international success with hits such as poupée de cire, poupée de son, she was 70.

On January 10, has reached us of the tragic news, the Flemish comedian Lies Lefever died after a serious fall in her home, Lefever was barely 37.

On January 15, we had to immediately farewell to 2 well-known stars. The Irish singer Dolores O’riordan was 46, and the American gospelzanger Edwin Hawkins, was 74.

Only 1 day later on January 16 died, Madalena Iglésias, a Portuguese singer and Bradford Dillman is an American actor. A day later, Simon Shelton Barnes, the British actor was 52.

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