Tunisians argue again after self-immolation, journalist

d2bf341632c85eb9b8b8534764448cb1 - Tunisians argue again after self-immolation, journalist

In the city of Kasserine, in the west of Tunisia, and in the capital city of Tunis is the Tuesday night new protests come after a journalist is Monday, the fire had poured out of protest against the deplorable living conditions in the North African country.

The Tunisian ministry of the Interior informed Tuesday night that an 18-year-old suspect from Kasserine was arrested in the investigation of the self-immolation of a photojournalist Abdelrazzak Zorgui. Then, in Kasserine roads blocked by protesters, who also tires tires burned, and with stones and molotov cocktails threw to the security forces. In Tunis drew the protesters to the central avenue Habib Bourguiba, with banners saying ” Enough! ‘.

Shortly before his death posted Zorgui a video online in which he explains the unemployment and the poverty of the elbow, and in which he said that he is ” a revolution would start by themselves on fire. In the background is a man to hear that some of the words dictates to Zorqui. A spokesman for the court in Kasserine said the official Tunisian news agency TAP that, according to the first elements of the investigation, presumably murder in the game.

The self-immolation of the photojournalist recalls that of street vendor Mohamed Bouaziz eight years ago in Tunisia. That incident led to the Arab Spring, where Arab dictators overthrown were.

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