The anger about a non-blue ghost on the poster of ‘Aladdin’

It is next year the year of the live-action movies of Disney. Not only ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Dumbo’ in the cinema, also ‘Aladdin’ is in the planning. Only the past few days what the fuss is about the film arise.

In the eye of the internetstorm is the American actor Will Smith. He performed ‘Genie’, or ‘Spirit’, in the film. When Entertainment Weekly first official photo of the film solved, where Smith also state, spit a lot of fans their bile. ‘Spirit’, Will Smith is so, is simply recognizable as a human being on the poster and is not blue like in the original cartoon.

But Will Smith would be Will Smith, not as his fans is not very fast feel free to would allow. “I am still blue. This is how Ghost in human form looks like. For my role are mainly computer animations are used”, said the actor in an angry follower.

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