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Ryan Cortjens book in frozen Heusden-Zolder sixth victory in a row in juniors, Thibau Nys falls next stage

Ryan Cortjens on Wednesday the world cup race cyclo-cross in Heusden-Zolder on his name. He took it for the Dutchman Luke Verburg and the Brit Lewis Askey.

European champion Pim Ronhaar was like in Names not of the party. The Dutchman is struggling with the disease and see so few important games in a row by the nose drilled. Cortjens, also Sunday at the party on the Citadel, took the holeshot, for Witse Meeussen and Luke Verburg. Also the German Tom Lindner and Ward Huybs picked up. After one round, there were five leaders on the fast circulation that there is slightly frozen annex.

It was Cortjens that a few times fast track and the third round with a few lengths ahead started. In no time sprokkelde he 18 count bonus and that he would not longer issue, on the contrary, with two rounds for the bow, had he been a half a minute lead over a large chase group.

It was finally Luke Verburg to place two would run at 21 seconds, in the battle for third place moisture Thibau Nys a fight with Lewis Askey and it was the Brit who took out for the youngest Nys.

It is the sixth victory in a row for Cortjens. Earlier he showed himself the best Names, Zonhoven, Kraainem, Essen, and Hasselt. A few weeks before he took the Superprestige in Gavere on his name.

Witse Meeusen, seventh in Heusden-Zolder, retains its leadership position in the overall standings of the world Cup. He has 243 points, Ryan Cortjens slide on to place two with 153 points.

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