Re-deferral Congolese elections in crisiszones

9df87d1e5f8c2f3e28d900c4dd282431 - Re-deferral Congolese elections in crisiszones

The Congolese electoral commission has the direct vote of Sunday in North Kivu, and Mai-Ndombe postponed until march 2019. That made the independent electoral commission Ceni known.

According to the election commission there will be a special calendar for the postponed elections. It comes to the constituencies in the region of Beni and Butembo in the North Kivu province, and in Yumbi, in the province of Mai-Ndombe.

Beni has fallen prey to regular attacks Ugandan islamist rebels and to a ebola epidemic, that more than 300 lives claimed. In Yumbi are 80 people have been killed in an outbreak of sectarian violence.


The Congolese elections were already a week delayed roads to technical problems. The new date was the 30th of december, but in some regions the elections only in march continue.

By a violent fire in the night of 12 december in a warehouse of the election commission were 80 percent of the voting computers and stembulletins for the capital destroyed. Computers that are in reserve were held in the inland, were flown to Kinshasa. There were no ballots more in stock. There were five million new notes to be ordered from the company in South Korea that the computer provides.

In the capital, the news for tensions, because it’s already the third time that the elections be postponed. The term of office of Kabila was, in principle, already in 2016. When he refused to resign, joined the catholic church as mediator. That led to the political agreement reached on christmas day 2016, which stipulated that the elections had to take place before the end of 2017. That agreement was the regime, not after.

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