Putin: ‘Russia has a new strategic weapon’

Russian president Vladimir Putin congratulates his country after the successful test of the new hypersonic missiles. He speaks of a ‘new strategic weapon in the Russian arsenal’.

According to the press service of the Kremlin lived Putin Wednesday the last phase of the missiles in a military centre. The rocket, ‘Avangard’, according to Russia an unlimited range, and pulls to 6,500 miles per hour. Thus, the Belgium, so in less than 20 minutes away from the kosmodroom is launched. The device must be the old missile system to replace that from the time of the Soviet Union descended.

The rockets were tested for the first time in march. So he told Putin all over the ‘invincible’ hypersonic missiles.

The test will come after Putin warned for a global conflict. According to the Russian president, there is an erosion of international arms control, because the United States withdraw from a wapenpact, and do not want to negotiate about a different wapenovereenkomst. “We will survive, we know how to do that. But this is a dangerous situation for humanity, ” said Putin about it.

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