Population near Indonesian volcano recommended coast to stay away

The Indonesian climatological and geophysical agency BMKG, the population called on to stay away from the coast to the Strait Sunda, where last weekend a deadly tsunami. This time, more than 420 dead.

According to the agency, is Wednesday, heavy rain possible in the areas around the volcano Anak Krakatau. “Therefore, we ask people to remain cautious and the beaches and coastal areas to avoid in a radius of 500 metres to 1 kilometre,” says Dwikorita Karnawati, head of the agency.

Scientists found that the tsunami was caused by an undersea landslide, after eruptions of the volcano. According to Karnawati developed the agency an application to the seismic activity of the volcano to follow. So can warnings more quickly in the future be enacted.

The tsunami hit coastal areas in the province of Banten on Java and in the province of Lampung on Sumatra.

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