Poltiie fell in with Dina Tersago

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Remarkable story in The 3 Point at One. On the occasion of Christmas, there was a additional episode of the program with presenter Kobe Ilsen. However, it was not he but a panelist Dina Tersago that a particular story came up. We now equally aware that the story is true, Dina was there even a moment of blush. The facts date back a few years ago. Dina and her partner Wim were still living in a different house. There, they had a functioning alarm that evening when bedtime was activated. The alarm could be a kind of tablet to be controlled and that device went every night to the bedroom. The person who first bedroom exit, take the device and turn the alarm off. That always ran pretty smooth but there was one time an exception. When her partner Wim to work was driving, he noticed that he was on the road as much as police with blaring sirens, when the oncoming traffic had. There was apparently something serious happened. Meanwhile, Dina is at home to prepare, and polished it in her nachtkledij her teeth. At a certain point in time, heard it the door open. Would Wim forgotten anything? Dina was startled out of rot when she strange voices heard. A man called, or they were ok and whether they could show. In the hallway stood two armed police officers. Dina was able to reassure them, but the agents invited her out to come down. So they were sure that Dina is not under duress was held. The presenter walked in her nachtkledij the stairs and then the agents told her what had happened: they were there it is informed that there is a hold-up was in progress at the house Tersago. Apparently her partner Wim accidentally, the hold-up button hold alarm and then the emergency services are massively uitrukten. The police officers were there, thankfully, to laugh.

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