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Newsflash: Cloudfare Ethereum, Litecoin, Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Crypto Listing

Newsflash: Cloudfare Ethereum Partnership, Litecoin Wallet Integration, The Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Crypto-Listing

Home News Newsflash: Cloudfare Ethereum Partnership, Litecoin Wallet Integration, The Stuttgart Stock Exchange, Crypto-Listing

Marcel Knobloch –

Despite the sharp fall in prices, the industry is developing in the field of Blockchain technology and the proliferation of digital currencies, in practice, is on the rise. The head of the cryptographic division of the U.S. Startups Cloudfare, hatt on Twitter announced that it would like to speak with some of the developers of the Ethereum network, to a potential cooperation.

The common goal could be to make the Internet decentralized and the users of the actual sovereignty over their user data. This Vision is also still a very young project, TRON, the striving for a decentralized Internet 4.0. Cloudfare offers services for small to large web projects in order to optimize its safety as well as Speed.

Lightning Wallet Zap adds Litecoin

The Lightning Wallet provider Zap has so far supported only Bitcoin. A few days ago, it has announced, however, that the Integration of Litecoin was successfully completed.

Through the use of the Lightning network, the payments can be processed faster and cheaper. This is out-of-ofhalving the Main Chain, a payment channel that receives the transaction, and the Blockchain will not be charged. This effective resource can be used, conserved, and otherwise. The number of Nodes within the Lightning network is to grow this year. The goal is that litecoin owners can take advantage of your Wallet safely and easily, without complications (freely translated):

Zap now supports the connection to the remote Litecoin Lightning node. The Lightning network was designed taking into account the scaling of Bitcoin and some improvements to the privacy made, however, it is a Protocol that is the underlying Blockchain agnostic. The Litecoin developer team is currently working on the implementation of the Neutrino (Light Client) -support in LTCD, so that users start one day, your wallet in the Bitcoin Blockchain, log out and then switch to Litecoin.

BISON App will go to the end of January 2019 to the Start

The BISON App is developed by the Stuttgart stock exchange and to be at the end of January 2019, in the German App Stores available. First, 4 digital currencies are to be listed: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecin and XRP.

The BISON App, is Germany’s first App for the crypto-trade and should be similarly prominent such as Robinhood or Coinbase. The number of mobile users is increasing in the age of digitalization, so this step is just a logical consequence of the ongoing developments.

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