Movie ‘Forrest Gump’-director, with Steve Carell in the title role, flopped spectacularly in the US

b0a81d474353ac1d582f4833814902df - Movie 'Forrest Gump'-director, with Steve Carell in the title role, flopped spectacularly in the US

It was not a merry Christmas for ‘The Office’star Steve Carell: ‘Welcome to Marwen’, directed by the renowned Robert Zemeckis, which include the with Oscars overloaded ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Back To The Future” on his resume, has spectacularly flopped in the US. The film, with Carell in a lead role, brought in its opening weekend, less than 2.4 million dollars, while the production budget of 40 million dollars was.

The movie was last weekend, in 1191, cinemas premiere, and is about a man who tries to his posttraumatic stress disorder to overcome. According to the forecasts of some studiobazen would make the movie about 45 to 50 million dollar loss to run – as a marketing and distribution expenses can be charged. A shameful result for a reputed tv and filmfiguren as Carell and Zemeckis.

‘Welcome to Marwen’ is therefore responsible for the worst debut of a film from the stable of a major film studio this year – on the same level with Johnny Knoxvilles ‘Action Point’. It is also the worst opening in the careers of Carell and Zemeckis. It is the second major flop for Universal Studios in a span of two weeks. The film would be about 125 million dollars in losses to the non-success of ‘Mortal Engines’, with Peter Jackson as producer and screenwriter, that worldwide less than 54.3 million dollars quite a lot.

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