Lieve Blancquaert with Last Days on tour

e5cefef21fa6d9b62ebc5388b0ca1e43 - Lieve Blancquaert with Last Days on tour

Following In the footsteps of the eponymous and fiercely successful TV series and accompanying book going to Lieve Blancquaert from January on an extensive tour through the Flanders with a performance that the death in the eyes and the viewer reconciles with a beautiful but finite story, brought to Dear’s unique way, certainly not devoid of any humor.

Lieve Blancquaert: “My work for the last years was for me always a trilogy. One story about the three great moments of human life: birth, love and death. The beginning, middle, and end of life. The first two are already told, but the circle is only around when the last part of the trilogy may be addressed. With Birth Day, I have seen how important is the place where you are born and grows up, with Wedding Day, I discovered how big the impact of a marriage can be, now, I want Last Days to see how we on this planet grow old and die. I am firmly convinced that this part, more than ever, must be told.”

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