Head of American border patrol calls for ‘new approach’ after the death of a child

The head of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has said Wednesday that his agency more money needs to be reimbursed for medical care, after the death of the eight-year-old Guatemalan boy by the USA was held.

Kevin McAleenan calls for ‘a different approach’, since the detention centers on the American borders decades ago for single men were constructed, and not for children and minors.

“Our stations are not built for the group who today are migrating,” he said in an interview with channel CBS. “There is a need for a different approach. We need help from the Congress. We need medical care and mental health care for the children in our facilities to include in our budgets, said McAleenan, that the death of the little boy terribly called. The CPD also has additional medical examinations dedicated to all the children who are holding.

The Guatemalan boy is this month the second child that dies while the United States is held. Earlier this month died all of a girl of seven years old from Guatemala was on its way to the US, a few hours after they are arrested by the U.s. border patrol.

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