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F3-pilote after a spectacular crash in Macau: “I want the F1 to reach”

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A month after her spectacular crash in Macau works Sophia Floersch still working on her recovery but she is dreaming, therefore, not less significant: its ultimate goal is the Formula 1 to achieve.

The images are probably still on the retinas of each autosportliefhebber. Sophia Floersch flies with her car at 275 kilometers per hour in the air and flies like a rocket in a small tribune for photographers.

The German is transported to the hospital where they have a seven-hour surgery on a broken ruggenwervel. At this moment it works Floersch in Germany hard on her recovery and she is determined to become even stronger than before to come back.

“I feel good, it is now about four weeks ago and I, almost everything can be ‘normal’ again,” says Floersch opposite of the BBC.’

“In the past two weeks were quite OK. I’m since two weeks started with my rehabilitation, so I am not too much muscle mass lost in the beginning and my body is back to work.”

“I must now again slow to start and everything build up again. I build my training and every day use heavier weights. It depends on how well the bones back together again is growing but we continue to work according to plan and hope will be fit again.”

The fact that Floersch its crash can still tell the tale is already impressive, but her will to come back is much more impressive.

“The video of my crash was viewed and a lot of people have left me messages, sent. Especially F1 drivers such as Alonso, Rosberg and Hulkenberg but also of several F1-teams.”

“It’s amazing how not only your family there for you, but also the support of fans worldwide. Of course I hope to be back behind the wheel to be able to crawl.”

“The plan is to again take part in the same championship as last year, the European Championship, Formula 3, that next year ‘Euromasters’ will be called. Hopefully I can join the team of van Amersfoort stay, because that is a fantastic team.”

But the eighteen-year-old Floersch dare to look beyond 2019 and its ultimate goal is nothing more but also nothing less than ever in the Formula 1 to get started.

“I’ll see how it goes but the goal is to ever the Formula 1 and world champion.”

“I’m me aware that that’s a great goal, but I come there every year a little bit closer, and I think it is certainly possible, also, as a woman, to become a world champion.”

“I just want to get the best rider, that female part will come naturally,” concludes Floersch.

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