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Early flat tire wipes of Aert in the Attic, Van der Poel solos to 18th victory of the season

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No surprise in the wereldbekercross in the Attic today. Mathieu van der Poel chose the right moment to blow and has performed as a soloist with the force majeure to his 18th victory of the season. The battle behind him was exciting, by early puncture of Wout van Aert and the kettingproblemen of Michael Vanthourenhout. Van Aert knew, however, an excellent day, and reed is still convincing to the second place , at ‘only’ 15 seconds of Van der Poel.

Not if, but when Mathieu van der Poel solo would start. That is the question that anyone asked for the cross in the Attic. Answer: the third round. Wout van Aert was this time well away and snuggled up in front. But the luck was today not on the side of the helmet. Flat tire in round one, and our countryman could for the umpteenth time this season to go chasing. Michael Vanthourenhout, Toon Aerts and Mathieu van der Poel showed the not to not to their hearts and went with their threes on the road.

Van der Poel cannot tolerate the company of two laps, but when he From Aert saw approaching was the European champion gone. At the end of the third round, Aerts effort at a slope, so he the hole, with Van der Poel had to drop. Who did not hesitate and pulled the throttle full open. At the finish, was the difference immediately eight seconds. Day and thank you.

Anonymous Stybar, unfortunate Vanthourenhout

The second question of the day: what does Zdenek Stybar in his first cross of the winter? He had to back to start and tried gradually to shift. The Czech, however, could not hide that it was already a moment ago that he was still a cross on the top reed. He would be halfway around the 20th place and driving around with a 1’20” behind Van der Poel.

Back to the front, where Van der Poel yet again a demonstration of teenagers. He built his lead systematically to a half a minute. Behind it seemed to Michael Vanthourenhout is the strongest and he turned to his co-pursuers in about ten seconds. The man of Marlux-Bingoal lap, however, itself in the foot with avoidable slipper, which he the rest the poet had come. It proved to be the harbinger of even more bad luck, because not much later he was on foot. Problems with the chain and out of the way spot on the podium. Vanthourenhout had a few hundreds of meters to foot to the materiaalpost. At the release it had he two minutes behind Van der Poel.

Formerly Van der Poel

With still four rounds to go were the first pursuers as Hermans, Aerts, Aert and Nieuwenhuis. That team was the world champion, however, with lead the strongest. He accelerated in the sixth round (nine) and got the young Nieuwenhuis. A round later turned Of Aert the turbo all the way open and he played the Dutchman lost. More: Van Aert reduced his gap on Van der Poel and came to a 20”.

Poet he would not come at an already unbeatable Van der Poel, though this performance Of Aert again to give confidence after a strong cross in Names. For Van der Poel is the 18th victory of the season. A strong Nieuwenhuis completed the podium. And Stybar? That bolde ultimately, as 21st on the measure at 2’48” of Van der Poel.

– Rash-

1. Mathieu van der Poel

2. Wout van Aert

3. Joris Nieuwenhuis

4. Thijs Aerts

5. Laurens Sweeck

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