Difficult year for creators Flemish duikbootfilm Torpedo

b899f3a38c1567ae1ca0224fc9f9d627 - Difficult year for creators Flemish duikbootfilm Torpedo

In The Morning, Wednesday, producers Hendrik Verthé (33) and Kobe Van Steenberghe (36) to the word. They are responsible for the spectacular duikbootfilm Torpedo, and Flanders ‘ first zombie film, Yummy. The releases for next year. It is in our country, however, not so easy to expensive spektakelfilms made to get. “A budget of 2.5 million euros to get there relatively easily with each other,” says Verthé, “but with Patser, we sat on the 3.3, and Torpedo took even 3.5 million. Then it is suddenly difficult. Because the Flemish market is so small, that you are dependent on film foundations. And a lot of funds find our films to commercial to support them. Thus we have the Torpedo ultimately still a part of the budget itself on the table. While 3.5 million is actually far too little for such a big production.”

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