Condemnation of owner P-Magazine

26f4f92ca6b3b1375cf1e8542596aa94 - Condemnation of owner P-Magazine

The controversial businessman Maurice The Fielder is sentenced to pay 2 million euro to Renault in the file of the old garage at the Tunnelplaats in Antwerp. That knows Gazet Van Antwerpen. Renault had the right to a bonus, because in that place, suddenly, a larger project could emerge. The Fielder was the owner of P-Magazine and other magazines. Six years ago, he bought valuable time for 5.8 million euros from Renault, and the same day he sold the location again by 9 million. Renault, however, had stipulated that if the new development allowed a larger project to realize, had the right to a supplementary payment. But that bonus remained.

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