‘Comebackvideo’ of Kevin Spacey 4.5 million views in one day time

212e80507fbae5140116a2dee789285f - 'Comebackvideo' of Kevin Spacey 4.5 million views in one day time

The youtubevideo in which Kevin Spacey in the guise of his ‘House of Cards’-the alter ego Frank Underwood and his comeback seems to announce, in less than 24 hours 4,5 million views gathered.

The movie – “Let Me Be Frank” titled – Monday was shared on the official twitter account of Spacey. In the youtubefilmpje defends the actor against the #MeToo movement, berates him the incorrect information around the person and he calls upon the viewers to be critical to cope with the news coverage around his case. He does that in the characteristic dry and extremely calculated style of his character of Frank Underwood from the popular tv series ‘House of Cards’, where he also refers to.

The video came online on the day that became known that Spacey is officially in suspicion would be for sexual violence against a teenager in 2016 in the neighborhood of the U.s. city of Boston. Spacey by several other men accused of sexual harassment. The first his story came out was actor Anthony Rapp, who said that he, as a 14-year-old harassed by the actor. Spacey was dismissed from the series ‘House of Cards’, of which he is the main character, sang, and cut out the already finished version of the film ‘All The Money In The World’, in which he was replaced by Christopher Plummer.

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