Coleman (7) still believes in santa Claus after phone call with Trump

A seven year old girl in the US still believes in Santa, even beat US president, Donald Trump hair, on christmas eve, a little out of her lead. Journalists were looking for the girl Tuesday in Lexington, in the state of South Carolina, and asked her about her conversation with Trump.

Originally reported in media that the president with a boy had talked to, that Coleman was called, but that is not. What is true, is that Trump his interlocutor asked if they are still in the santa Claus believed, ” for seven years, is that ‘marginal’ (on the edge, ed), isn’t it? ‘

According to the news reports confirmed Coleman to the president that she still believes in Santa. The local newspaper, the Post and Courrier writes that the meaning of the word ‘marginal’ don’t know. Therefore, she answered Trump also just with ‘yes, sir’.

The girl called Monday to the traditional ‘kerstmanradar’, to ask where Santa was. A scientist would her will be directly connected with the president, who along with first lady Melania in the White House, also participated in the initiative for children.

The girl was not to know about the position of santa Claus, she told him. But she found the conversation with the president is fine. ‘I thought: “wow”. I was in shock, ” she said.

The so-called ‘Santa Tracker’ has existed for several decades. More than 1,500 volunteers also worked this year on christmas eve, on the initiative of NORAD, the military organization that monitors the North American airspace. The organization follows the trajectory of ‘Santa Claus’ around the world on radar screens. It is a tradition that the president and the first lady help to make the phone calls to answer. The process could also online be followed.

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