Brother of former maffialid on the street, shot in the Italian city of Pesaro

In the Italian port city of Pesaro is on the day after christmas, a brother of a former member of the maffiaclan ‘Ndrangheta in the street shot. That former maffialid has been working a long time with the Italian court. Everything thus points to a statement in the environment.

The attack found Tuesday at 18.30 hours on the street in Pesaro, a seaport on the Adriatic Sea. Two masked men shot the 51-year-old Marcello Bruzzese down when he was with the car at his house arrived.

The victim enjoyed the protection of the Italian court, and his brother, an ex-member of the maffiaclan ‘Ndrangheta’ in Calabria, has been working for a while along with the Italian court.

The perpetrators fled after the murder to walk away and have since disappeared.

Wife and two children

The police are going to time being of a settlement in the environment. The victim leaves a wife and two children behind.

The brother of the victim, Girolamo Bruzzese, works according to some Italian newspapers, since 2003, together with the court. Bruzzese would have been liable for an attack on Teodoro Crea, the leader of a rival maffiaclan active in the port Gioa Tauro, in the south of Italy. Thanks to information that Girolamo Bruzzese shared with the police and the court, there were multiple maffialeden be arrested.

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