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Arab Emirates to announce new crypto-laws – Coin Hero

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Arab Emirates to announce new crypto-laws

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Matthias Nemack –

In the Arab region, many investors, bitcoin and other Coins does not inspire. The States realize enhanced opportunities in the market. The Arab Emirates want to make 2019 legal Soft.

The UAE government wants to attract Blockchain companies

The oil need to look around States gradually to Alternative sources of income, is known. Because the end of the reserves is foreseeable, so that at an early stage, new Ways must be sought to ensure the flow of money from the country and abroad. While Dubai relies mainly on tourism, the United Arab Emirates since a long time already in a state of salvation in the technology sector – the interest of investors on-site for crypto currencies, from Bitcoin to Zcash since the beginning of the boom in the Region. The Emirates would like to secure a large piece of the pie, and by some changes in the law in the coming year to ensure that companies with Blockchain developments and other services to settle in connection with the crypto market in the country.

Matching rules for trading venues and ICOs

The new legislation was announced at the start of the week. A part of the area should be clear legal provisions for the introduction of new Token in the context of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). In addition, the government wants to create provisions for the regulation of trading venues and exchanges for the trading with Ethereum, Stellar, and all the other currencies. A number of experts have indicated in the past months, to keep the United Arab Emirates is an important site in the future.

Europe is going to lose the connection?

For the simple reason, because the state presented significantly more open than many other countries when it comes to the recognition of the market and new digital currencies. Also from various countries in the Region work in professional media these days reports just in time for the new year. Once again, the European community should not want to miss the connection to the international crypto-Elite. Malta applies, for example, as a carrier of hope for Europe’s crypto-businesses due to the legal openness for innovations and new technologies.

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