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Antwerp bibbert against Mouscron, but rises again next Club

85481572ccb6e98b5070056189861bbf - Antwerp bibbert against Mouscron, but rises again next Club

After the zero to six against Waasland-Beveren and Club Brugge, Antwerp ended the year with a home win against Mouscron (2-1) after two goals from Dieumerci Mbokani. The Great Old comes as third in the standings in the new year.

Mouscron-trainer Bernd Storck chose the eleven that last Saturday Anderlecht had beaten. His Antwerp colleague Laszlo Bölöni brought after the blamage against Club Brugge four new players at the kick-off. Rodrigues, Bolingi, Hairemans and Lamkel Zé. Biggest victim of the five tegendoelpunten was Jelle Van Damme, but, according to Laszlo Bölöni was that because “he is tired”.

Just at the moment that Antwerp under loud cheering of the Owl full tank pressure put on the defense of Mouscron, turn goalkeeper Jean Butez with a heel in his small (!) rectangle Dieumerci Mbokani in the wind. Lefgozer.

I can do better, Geoffry Hairemans have thought of. Three times he set in the first twenty minutes of a player in the wind with a heel. At the third attempt resulted in that also the first major opportunity for Antwerp. Juklerod took the dead ball line, but instead of the ball, to lay down on Rodrigues kicked his Butez.

High level Hairemans

Hairemans enjoyed visible of his first move in the league since the 2nd of september. All of the contest called out to him: the second time following his name which is ‘Geoffke Deurne-Noord’ with a lot of confidence was to play football. One bad pass on Haroun and a times dangerous losing the ball after he took a high-level. It was not by chance on a pass from him that the Mouscron-goalkeeper a strafschopfout committed on Dieumerci Mbokani. Lardot had not seen it, but the VAR. Mbokani shot the 0-1 within from the dot.

Mouscron had for peace, only a vrijschop of Vojvoda note, at Antwerp lap Rodrigues is still on Butez. After the rest went to Antwerp and especially Geoffry Hairemans on his momentum further. All was the number ten have an assist taken away when Bolingi managed to make his perfect cross for an open goal to shoot. Hairemans made himself evil. Understandable if the criticism of your trainer is that you have too little statistics for it to present. It was, however, Hairemans also a share in the 0-2. He played Haroun nice quite and in the spur of that attack, headlined Mbokani on the cross of Yatabaré his second of the afternoon against the ropes.


Match played, it seemed. But on a corner made substitute player Mbombo for the aansluitingstreffer. Antwerp climbed this all the way back. Certainly, when Laszlo Bölöni, with Jelle Van Damme is still a defender extra on threw. Some time later, Mouscron, still close to the equalizer, but Mbombo worked badly. Despite the fact that Antwerp over almost the whole of race control, was still in difficulties in the slot.

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