Annemie Struyf has a friend

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Presenter and journalist Annemie Struyf has a sweet. Two years ago, she and her partner separate after a relationship of 40 years, but now she is once again “very happy” with a new man. “With two is more fun than alone,” says the 57-year-old writer in The Morning.

Who the lucky exactly, Struyf is not lost but it does to a peer. “That’s fine, because you have the same credentials, you’re in the same era grew up with the same music. That recognition I find particularly enjoyable. We are in the same stage of life. If he is 15 years older, I sat with an old man. That would be a very different dynamic. If he is 15 years younger, I would me, as a woman, quickly very old start feel. So no, the same age I find quite comfortable.”

The new relationship is unexpected, tells the tv face. She had not thought that the liefdesgeluk yet her path would cross. “I had not dared to hope to after my divorce, love again. I wanted to be very realistic, because I have around me many women my age see that to separate and stay alone. And a lot of men of my age who have a relationship start off with a younger woman. I wanted to after my divorce, especially in a positive way can only be and have discovered that I can. But now I have to say it anyway: with two is just more fun than alone!”

From January 9, presents Struyf the program ‘Eviva España’ one, in which they are Flemish people in Spain follows.

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