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13 yellow cards and one goal: Standard win-legged derby to Charleroi

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Standard Wednesday the ever-bright-laden derby on the field of Charleroi with 0-1 won. In a taut match with less than thirteen yellow cards scored Paul José Mpoku on the half hour, the only goal of the party. Standard is firmer on the fourth place, of Charleroi to the top six within diving.

Felice Mazzu chose the cracker between Charleroi and Standard for a strengthened civil society, with Diandy, Hendrickx and Ilaimaharitra. Topschutter Osimhen got the front support of Benavente and Bruno. At Standard chose Michel Preud’homme for the expected eleven, Carcela, Mpoku and Djenepo in support of Emond.

The home team smelled Play-off 1 and started the best in the competition. Osimhen kicked a nice attack next, and a few minutes later, headed Angella a free-kick from Nurio just about. Up until then, was Standard barely dangerous, but when Djenepo – that yellow was given for a schwalbe – from an oblique angle Penneteau lap, was Mpoku are followed to get the ball to the rams.

The home team seemed equally confused and grossierde in the misunderstandings. It was lucky that the shot of Emond for rest, just enough touching to along to roll.

Charleroi had after resting from a different keg taps, and that did it also. Until the last ball, though, because that is far too often impure. Meanwhile, Mazzu, there with Thee in place of Diandy an extra attacker tossed up, but the carelessness remained in the game of the Carolo’s are. The contest was often silent, with ten yellow cards in the last half hour as a result. Referee Laforge gave a little too often yellow for minor violations, but forgot or Sis a card for a tackle from behind on Fai.

Good thing
Charleroi stood with four deep strikers and a central defender Dorian Dessoleil the front, until the chances came the home team is no more. It was Standard that’s still the closest to a hit was, but Mpoku curled the ball to the pole.

By the victory does Standard a good thing in the battle for Play-off 1. It is now firmly in fourth place, while Charleroi is a tip of the top six hangs.

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