Urbi et Orbi: ‘Diversity is richness, not a threat’

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In his christmas message pope Francis the importance of coexistence between people of different countries, cultures and religions is underlined.

“Our diversity hurts us not, she holds no danger, but is much more of a richness,” says the pope Tuesday in St. peter’s square in Rome. For his traditional blessing ” Urbi et Orbi’ he made a global call to brotherhood.

“What is the universal message of Christmas? That God is a good father and we are all brothers and sisters’, says pope Francis. ‘This truth is the basis of the christian vision of humanity. Therefore, it is my wish for a happy Christmas with a wish for brotherhood.’

The pope also made a call for peace and reconciliation between israelis and Palestinians, and in Syria, Yemen, Africa, the Korean peninsula, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. He also gave attention to persecuted christian minorities and populations who are victims of ‘ideological, cultural and economic forms of colonization’, or who have no access to food, healthcare and education.

The pope speaks of the traditional ‘Urbi et Orbi’ Christmas and Easter, and after the election of a new pope.


During the kerstnachtmis lamented the pope about the ‘insatiable greed’ of the human being. He reminded us that ‘not material wealth but love the live feeds’.

“In our time, many people meaning for their lives in possession, in having an abundance of material objects”, said the pope in his homily. ‘An insatiable greed, characterizes the whole of human history. That is also today. It is paradoxical that some fine dining while far too many others do not even the daily bread in order to survive.’

The service of the pope on christmas eve, when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, is one of the most important from the catholic liturgy. Franciscus came to the full basilica shortly before 21.30 hours. He was preceded by a procession of about forty cardinals in golden robes.

At the same time led cardinal secretary of state Pietro Parolin, the supreme director of the Roman Catholic Church after the pope, a christmas celebration in Baghdad. The celebration symbolized the solidarity with the beleaguered christian minority in Iraq.

In St peter’s Basilica, quoted the pope for the mass in a cloth over a statue of the baby Jesus lay. Ten children from Italy, China, Panama, Congo, Romania and Japan put flowers in.

At the end of the church service of an hour and a half was the pope the Jesus-image, that is the size of a doll. Accompanied by the children, he brought the statue to a picture of Christ’s birth in the basilica.

If we think of the manger where Jesus is born, ‘we understand that not material wealth but love the live feeds, not gluttony, but charity, no praalzucht but simplicity’. With Christmas ‘we have our fundamentals’t lose or drift into the secular and overly consumptiedrang’. We must ask ourselves: can I Share my bread with those who have none?’

If pope makes saint Francis there is a point of pomp and protocol to avoid. Instead, he devotes his time to the poor. He visits prisons, hospitals, migrant or refugee camps, and invites the homeless into the Vatican for a meal.

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