Turkish actors get a travel ban for insulting Erdogan

e571b6c96cfc3b9f0267e10d3ef8466f - Turkish actors get a travel ban for insulting Erdogan

A court in Istanbul has two well-known Turkish actors, a ban on the country from which to travel. They would president Recep Tayyip Erdogan have offended during a talk show, and one of them is even accused to have called for a coup, as reported in several media.

The actors Metin Akpinar and Mujdat Gezen were Friday guests at a talk show on Halk TV. Akpinar said that there is a need for democracy in Turkey, in order to polarization in the society. If there is no democracy would come, would be “leaders might be on their feet, be hung, or poisoned in the cellars to die, as fascism always is faring”.

Yesterday, reacted to Erdoğan all wroth with the statements. “The are fake artists. They will pay for this.” Not long after, announced the public prosecutor’s office in Istanbul that an investigation was started into the two men. Akpinar and Gezen were Monday questioned. Both men are accused of insulting the head of state and Akpinar also of the “incitement to armed rebellion”.

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