Trump to child: “do you Believe still in Santa, because seven years is still on the brink’

The president of the USA, Donald Trump and his wife Melania have Monday night answered questions of children that the trajectory would follow the santa Claus. A little boy asked Trump whether he still believed in ‘Santa Claus’, and he said that in seven years ‘on the edge’ would be.

NORAD, the military organization that oversees the airspace in the U.S. and Canada, monitors traditionally is the route that santa Claus with his reindeer-drawn sleigh travels on christmas night. The project is a follow-up on a special website, but children can also make a call to a call centre, staffed by volunteers. It is a habit that the president and the First Lady from the White House to help.

Trump was given Monday night to a baby boy on the line, Coleman, and asked him whether he still believes in Santa. ‘You are amused. Do you believe still in Santa? Because seven is on the edge, don’t you?” Trump would laugh, then the answer on the other side of the line, that is not audible.

According to NORAD, the idea is to the route of the Santa monitor created in 1955. In an advertisement in a local newspaper from Colorado called department store chain Sears when on the phone to father christmas. A child would have the wrong telephone number have turned and came at the officer from the service of NORAD.

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