The great sorrow of Klaasje Meijer K3

54141d7a0f235c363a314e4585ae4cff - The great sorrow of Klaasje Meijer K3

The end of the year is the ideal time to look back at what happened last year in the world, and that is in showbizzland not otherwise. In All, there are this week eindejaarsvraagjes and one of the many people that we have the answers read Klaasje Meijer of Q3. “What did you do last year the most grief?” was one of the questions, and then gave Klaasje to a surprising answer: “My flute was stolen out of my car. That was what I needed for the K3-show. And they had a high emotional value, because she was used to from my aunt and I am sure to start playing when I was six.”

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