Telefacts Winter about the most unlikely kerstdiners

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Tuesday 25 december – when many people, their feast has been eaten, Julie Colpaert in Telefacts Winter, a documentary about the most unlikely kerstdiners.

Because it does not always have a turkey, such a feast can also be completely different: much more exclusive. What do you think, for example, of a feast in the space? Astronaute Anne McClaine four her very first christmas at the international space station (ISS). They eat turkey, but then vacuum packed. With a little pepper and salt, in liquid form, although so that it is not going to fly. “It is an extraordinary kerstetentje.”, says Anne McClain, full of expectation.

The same applies for the crew of a submarine that christmas celebrates on the bottom of the ocean. Other people just stay with both feet on the ground, but pimping their table with a very expensive christmas decorations. Mark Hussey, a jeweler, brings the most expensive kerstcracker in the world market. That are feestbommetjes with a little surprise. In Britain they are just about every wonderful festive table. Usually they are made of cardboard, but these are set with diamonds and blood red rubies. Price tag: 170. 000 euros. “Eand gem, but a mountain of money.”, thus, an interested customer.

Or what thought you have of a medieval kerstbanket? Tuesday at 21.15 in Telefacts Winter, the most unlikely kerstdiners in the world.

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