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Stoffel Vandoorne excited about simulatorwerk for Mercedes F1 team

23a475264f2282cb3d8bb61e3ebbb0de - Stoffel Vandoorne excited about simulatorwerk for Mercedes F1 team

After McLaren decided to Vandoorne to replace Lando Norris threw Mercedes-team boss Toto Wolff a life buoy to our compatriot. In addition to its place in the Formula E at HWA, he will also simulatorwerk do for the F1 team of Mercedes.

The life of Stoffel Vandoorne after the Formula 1 has already begun, the first race in the new season of the Formula E is already behind the back. It was a weekend with mixed feelings. He worked a solid qualifying but during the race, slew of technical problems him back to sixteenth place.

Our fellow countryman, also remains in contact with the Formula 1 in his role as a simulatorpiloot of the reigning world champion Mercedes. He let us know that he is very much looking forward to.

“This is very exciting for me,” said Vandoorne on the official website of the Formula 1. “That way, I’ll stick involved with the F1 and I am part of the world champion.”

“It is really interesting and I am sure that I have new ideas to offer. Also for me personally, I can now see what differences there are because I have in the F1, only with McLaren worked. For me it is also exciting to get to go in a new environment.”

Through his work with Mercedes has Vandoorne still somewhat a foot in the door in the Formula 1. Return is not impossible, to prove that Robert Kubica and Daniil Kvyat, and the young Russian was in a similar situation at Ferrari.

“It is certainly an advantage that I involved to stick with the world because you never know what will happen in the future. Connected to Mercedes and what work for them to do is good because then they know what I have in my mars have. We also do not know how the rijdersmarkt will evolve.”

“This season was a little crazy and who knows what the next year will be. That is difficult to predict. So it is a good thing to be involved and to keep ready for any opportunity that comes at you,” concludes Vandoorne.

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