Kevin Spacey is in suspicion for sexual violence against a teenager

The American actor Kevin Spacey is in suspicion for sexual violence against a teenager in 2016 in the neighborhood of the U.s. city of Boston. That writes the newspaper Boston Globe Monday on the authority of the chief prosecutor of Nantucket, where the events would have played out.

The police of Nantucket investigating since november 2017 a complaint from the mother of the boy, former nieuwsanker at WCVB-TV’s Heather Unruh. According to the prosecutor of the island off the coast of Massachusetss, Michael O’keefe, will Spacey, on January 7, suspected to be liable for sexual assault of the chastity, and assault and battery.
According to Unruh had Spacey in 2016, and several times his hand in the pants stabbed her 18-year-old son. He could escape because a woman came in the bathroom where the facts took place.
Spacey, by a number of men accused of sexual harassment. The first his story came out was actor Anthony Rapp, who said that he, as a 14-year-old harassed by the actor. Spacey was dismissed from the series ‘House of Cards’, of which he is the main character, sang, and cut out the already finished version of the film ‘All The Money In The World’, in which he was replaced by Christopher Plummer.
Just Monday put Spacey in a video online in which he says the complaints against him have been filed, will be overcome, and that his career new life will be blown, according to the newspaper Daily Mail on its website.

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