Iran let the British professor free

The Iranian-British professor and vredesmilitant Abbas Edalat is after eight months of captivity in Iran released. He was accused of espionage.

That has a spokesperson of the British ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday to let you know. Edalat, was arrested when he, in april, a conference wanted to attend in Iran.

Edalat is professor of mathematics and computer science at Imperial College in London. The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), which by Edalat was founded, announced Saturday that the peace activist back in Britain. According to the organization, was his imprisonment ” a case of misinformation and a misunderstanding’ because of the Iranian security services.

Iran recognizes dual nationality and Iranian citizens who have another passport and are directly or indirectly associated with political, economic or media institutions abroad, recent years more closely monitored by the Iranian court.


Over the past few years, several Iranian-British citizens behind the prison in Iran. The most mediated after all was the case of the 38-year-old Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, an employee of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the liefdadigheidstak of the news organization.

It was two years ago arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for participating in manifestations against the Iranian regime in 2009.

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