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France rejects crypto-friendly tax reforms

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The French Parliament has rejected various crypto-friendly tax reforms, which aimed to reduce taxes for crypto-traders and investors. Among the rejected Amendments to those capital relate to gains and losses and the crypto-tax exclusions, are reported.

At the Moment, crypto-assets in France with max. To 36.2%, through the regular income tax are taxed. A design for a tax rate of 30% for crypto-currencies continues to exist, but was rejected by the French government. These Changes would have made the purchase or sale of crypto-currencies by 6.2% more profitable, but it probably will not for now. The verdict comes a week after two French politicians have published a report, in the investment of hundreds of millions of euros in state funds in the Blockchain technology, has been informed. in the investment of hundreds of millions of state funds in the Blockchain technology is supported. These Changes could have been treated, the control method for the purchase/sale in the crypto currencies is more profitable.


Not only that, also to in article 16a described Amendment to the effect that profits on crypto-currencies, resulting from the trading on Exchanges, only to Realize the gains when you Withdraw on a Bankkontozu tax, rather than taxed directly to the best, once an exchange has taken place on an Exchange, was rejected.

Only recently, the G20 countries have published their Plan to find a solution to the question of taxation and the regulation of crypto-currencies. The countries have agreed on the use of crypto-currencies to the G20 conference, which took place in Buenos Aires, to deal with. The joint Declaration was signed by all the G20 countries. You admitted that the current multilateral trade regulations, fulfill their purpose and developed a fundamental Reform of the world trade organization.

The G20 countries are also thinking about a clear and flexible monetary policy, which meets all the global Standards. It is important to promote sustainable growth. The G20 countries declared that they will continue to work for the full, timely and consistent implementation and completion of the approved programme of financial reform and the evaluation of their consequences.

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