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Former CIA expert classifies the Blockchain as a security risk – Coin Hero

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Former CIA expert classifies the Blockchain as a security risk

Home News Former CIA expert classifies the Blockchain as a security risk

Matthias Nemack –

After we reported yesterday about a former politician from the United States, committed after a long period of resistance for the Bitcoin, a alleged earlier, an official of the CIA. The said public service employees, warns of the Blockchain as supposedly the biggest security risk to the United States.

The Blockchain is a threat to the security of the United States?

Whether digital currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin, could be but the Blockchain as a modern technology to a competitor to Fiat money, has been discussed for years, violently. The claim that the Blockchain is the most significant risk for the United States, is relatively new. But this is exactly what Andrew Bustamante, according to its own statements by former CIA employee and US Air Force Veteran, to bear in mind is currently in a variety of media. Strong stuff, if not of national security in the coming years.

Dangerous climatic consequences, and “rogue States”

His view is that the Blockchain opens with its technical possibilities is just criminal machinations of the door. Interesting quip: The Ex-CIA-ler Bustamante keeps the Blockchain in Interviews for a significantly bigger Problem than North Korea, or climate change. Because in comparison to these risks or the economic players in Russia since the Blockchain-technology is a very powerful Instrument.

Crypto currencies as a Foundation stone of technological change

And who knows understands this Tool, first of all, in all its facets and apply, can hack, make, manipulations, and out of the international economic and political competition as the winner. So far-fetched, many aspects of its warning sound, very wrong with the estimates, in some respects, are not. Because of the Bitcoin and other Token as well as the said Blockchain, but also the new quantum-Computer will draw a serious change in today’s digital world.

Blockchain-prospects: a question of angle of view

That some of the conspiracy theorists, it is especially potential hazards, while other insiders tend to see the opportunities for a wide range of areas, just a question of point of view. With the necessary negative approach, the Blockchain can be classified as a security threat to the United States and other countries. For example, in connection with the dissemination of disinformation. But the social media also.

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