Eight-year-old boy dies in Us cell

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An eight-year-old boy from Guatemala is Tuesday, died while he was in prison in the United States, near the border with Mexico.

That has the U.s. Agency for Customs and Border protection confirmed. “The official cause of the death of the child is not known’, the Agency said. There will be an investigation and the government of Guatemala has informed.

The boy was on Monday treated in a hospital in New Mexico. He might then have. His condition, however, went backward and he was back to the doctor sent. He died shortly after midnight.


Earlier this month died all of a girl of seven years old from Guatemala was on its way to the US, a few hours after they are arrested by the U.s. border patrol. She was accompanied by her father and was part of a group that consisted of about 160 migrants. She had a high fever and died in the hospital. Shortly before Christmas, it was her body transferred to her village in Guatemala.

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