Eight dead by hostage on a Chinese bus

4c37ee2ce80e2092a81c5fb0aa6efe71 - Eight dead by hostage on a Chinese bus

At least eight people to life came about when a hijacked bus pedestrians aanreed in the east of China.

That have the state media announced. There were also 22 injuries. The 48-year-old suspect has been arrested by the police, according to the public station CGTN. The motive of the perpetrator is not known. The hijacker had a knife.

It is not clear how many victims have fallen on the bus, and how many in the crowd when the bus is broken in. The incident happened in Longyan, in the Fujian province of china. One of the fatalities was a policeman.

In China this year are already more drama happened with vehicles that are driving on pedestrians. The end of november, reed in Liaoning province, a car deliberately in to students that a street crossing. People were five killed and nineteen wounded.

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