Busy holidays for James Cooke

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There are few people who Tuesday were at work, but James Cooke did that did. These are busy holidays for the presenter. Monday night was christmas eve, of course, is celebrated for the first time was with the family of his friend Dorian. “Normally, we do that always with my sister and with my mother, but now it was unexpected for the family of Dorian. Someone from the family has recently given birth and so is Dorian uncle. Today my family than to us. I have the whole house was still decorating”, sounds Tuesday morning in Peace on Earth on Radio 2. The gelegenheidsprogramma called for a time with James Cooke. That was Tuesday morning just to work. “I have a production company and have this morning what worked”, responds James. But from now on, the focus is on the christmas party tonight. “We still have 18 hours before the guests come but we are still looking for a Delhaize that today’s open is”, responded James. Dorian was still looking for something for the kids to eat. Ate on the menu was? Among other dover sole and Scottish salmon marinated in gin and tonic, and avocado. That can’t be bad, right?

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