Belgians injured in accident at Colombian cable car

8b5d23c6527c12eb78e3cf4ef3b8e8cb - Belgians injured in accident at Colombian cable car

In an accident with a cable car in the Colombian capital Bogota are 28 people injured. Half of them are tourists from austria, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain and the United States.

That has the newspaper El Tiempo Tuesday message. Two cabins of the cable car collided Monday against a platform, according to the fire department of Bogotá. It seems that the cabin is too late to a complete standstill.

Three occupants came there with the terror of af, the rest had to go to the hospital. Among them were two Belgians. How bad they are, is unclear. Tuesday stayed for another six wounded in the hospital.

It comes to the funicular to the mountain Monserrate. On that mountain is the basilica of Señor Caído de Monserrate, which is more than 3,000 metres above sea level and offers an attraction for worshippers and tourists alike.

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