U.s. judge Friday to lungs surgery, Sunday, back to work

The 85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Us Supreme court was on Friday and her lungs operated on. Since Sunday, she is back to work.

According to a spokesperson Ginsburg since Sunday, back to work while they recover from a longoperatie in the hospital. That writes The Guardian. It is not yet known when they go home.

Friday were two malignant tumors in Ginsburg removed, said a spokesman. Last month broke the judge in a fall three ribs. The tumors were discovered when Ginsburg in the hospital was examined. The judge was in the past already twice treated for cancer.

The Supreme court will on January 7, back together. Despite her ill health, the 85-year-old right-never a meeting missed.

The pronounced progressive Ginsburg was in 1993, appointed by Bill Clinton. The judge is an advocate of women – and holebirechten.

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