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“To my family, I said, “Turn on the radio and I am also on the party”‘

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Over the past five years, Annelies Moons (29) at least one day for her account on Radio 1. This year she will for the first time will not work. ‘I will miss’, trust us.

Some jobs never stop. Not even during the holidays. Party at work? Or mind on zero and go? Today: Annelies Moons, presenter at Radio 1

‘Unlike previous years, I now also have a case to keep it going. After the conclusion of the Buchbar (a bookstore and coffee shop in Antwerp, ed.), I will have the Bd. skipping and directly to the family.”

Fun anyway. You will miss nothing of the party?

“However, it will take some prick. Advance I said my family always said “Turn on the radio, so I am already a little bit.” When I then after the present was linked to the party, interrupted the routine of the kerstdis. My coming was always a bit of a evement: “Aha, there she is!” All eyes are on you and everyone is happy to see you. For a moment in the centre of attention, I looked forward to that moment.” (laughs)

You can see a day not as a necessary evil?

‘Someone has to do it. And after a time, I introduced myself also make it easier candidate. Only when you’re on 1 January at 9 in the morning to present, it becomes slightly more difficult.’

What will you never forget of you radiowerk during the holidays?

“You can’t one moment on paste. Especially that general feeling of warmth remains with me. You notice that you share something on such a day. As a radio producer, you can maybe even a bit more to make a difference.’

‘There was a man who gave me, on christmas day, a message is sent. A year earlier his wife died, and he told me that my voice was heard through that mourning period in question. Little things that I sometimes said, gave him meaning to go on with life. Something to read is indescribable. Of course, if the broadcasting’t change the world, but it is meaningful work.’

There is extra collegiality?

‘Certainly. Everyone is what joliger and kinder, because you are sitting in the same boat. I also bring a present for the technician. A gesture is in place, I think.’

‘Colleagues at home or from your car listen for a moment, will also more likely send you a message. This is also virtue, of course.”

Respond to listeners otherwise?

“You get messages from people who would otherwise not quickly would send, I think. It is also a little easier to visibility in to play. If you say something about a bloated feeling after the feast, recognize half Flanders is in it. It is typical for our listeners to tips to send how to get the best deal. Drink ginger tea!’ (laughs)

We read on Instagram that you crowned to a ‘chef’s christmas’ on Radio 1. What this mean?

‘Since a number of years, I organise with colleagues to the inauguration of the christmas tree in the newsroom. Our nethoofd hold a short speech before the lights of the tree for the first tapping and a toast.’

“It is also intended that everyone kersttrui. Now if that is all nice. Even Annemie Peeters wears one now. Well, I’m a little bit proud of it.’

. Pleasant parties!

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