Sven The Knight has a dream: the lotto win

34f7eb65b0de44072d648c2f900d7860 - Sven The Knight has a dream: the lotto win

A while ago Sven was The Knight to guest with Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe. Together they had about his dream.

Martin and Dorothee want to know where Sven himself in 2040 see: “I am 66? Actor, always, and hopefully a film director or that I already took a film I direct,” says Sven.”In fact, you at a young age, first a short film and you grow to become a movie director. That is the way to do it. But I’ve never had a short film made in the past. I want to do, but I have so many stories in my slide sit for long movies. I want my own movie. I play the Lotto so I don’t have too much to take into account people who gave me money for it should give up”, admits Sven.

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