Stops Free Souffriau with Mega Mindy?

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Since last week, the Maya The bee-movie “The Honingspelen” in the cinema to see. In the film, you hear again the voice of Free Souffriau. Since Studio 100 the rights of Maya The bee in your hands, Free Souffriau the Flemish voice of the most famous in the world say. Dozens of adventures, and two films of Maya The bee spoke Free for the past six years, and let’s not forget that the actress and singer also has 12 years in the pack of Mega Mindy creeps. In recent years, it is striking become quiet around the heroine. “All about Mega Mindy is currently on one lower priority,” says Free this week in the Story. “There are no more pictures, for clips, or the series, it remains to shows and performances. I fear, however, of how popular the superhero remains. On the street, I am often asked about it, also by twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings. Then I think to myself: ‘hey, I’m old. In February, I am 39, so for so many years, I’m going to not continue to do so. I don’t want any old box into a Mega Mindy-pack. But as long as it’s credible, I’ll go with pleasure. And then I would be very happy to find the torch on to a new actress.”

Earlier this month was Free as Mega Mindy show in The Big Christmas Show of Studio 100. Even though it was only one song, Mega Mindy, was flying through the Sportpaleis of Antwerp in her tight outfit. Free gets with age more and more afraid that her something might happen if she to the steel cables hang. “There is never anything happened, but now I still think to myself, ” whoa, that’s high’. “

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