Spectacular discovery in Pompeii: bones of raspaard excavated

2745c1f905dde89e1af2bed5512a213f - Spectacular discovery in Pompeii: bones of raspaard excavated

In the neighbourhood of the Italian city of Pompeiji archaeologists have found the bones of a raspaard excavated which probably belonged to a senior officer. It is the third horse on the estate was found.

It is suspected that the horse belonged to a high-ranking officer, perhaps a general, says the director of the archaeological site, Massimo Osanna. The discovery was made in the barn of Civita Giuliana, which is located just outside the archaeological site of Pompeiji.

It is the third horse that was found it on the estate, where earlier this year the opgravingswerken started. In may, the archaeologists managed with a gipsafdruk the complete body of a horse to mimic. For this purpose, the empty cavity that the animal in the hardened stone had left with plaster filled in.

When the excavation work, several rooms were found that probably belong to a large, well-preserved villa. There were also kitchen utensils, a wooden bed and amphorae found. One of these rooms according to the researchers, a barn, and there were the bones of the horse are found.

The last months were already several spectacular discoveries have been made around Pompeii. At the eruption of Vesuvius, in 79 ad, hit the whole city under the ashes buried, but at the same time, the city was so well preserved. Each year, millions of tourists to the Italian city.

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