Red christmas: recordtemperaturen in Australia

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In our country, there is also certainly no white christmas, but in Australia it is for the santa only really be sweating under that thick red jacket. Down under it is now, although the middle of the summer, but also they are the temperatures that reach up to 47 degrees, not at all used to it.

Throughout the country there seem to be temperatures of about 30 degrees on arrival, but in many places it is even more. There is a temperature difference of 12 degrees with an average season.

It would be so in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia to 41 degrees. In Fitzroy Crossing, in Western Australia, they migrate to sound the alarm: there, predict weathermen even up to 47 degrees, a record would be. The peak of the heat wave would pass for this weekend.

The heat also brings drought. In the states of Western and South Australia and Tasmania, is an increased vigilance for forest fires. Children, the elderly and pregnant women should be extra careful in this weather.

“In general, we can say that Christmas for South Australia, temperatures are expected to be 6 to 12 degrees higher than the average maximum temperature,” says Sarah Fitton, a meteorologist at the Australian weather service. “In Tasmania and southern Victoria, it is slightly cooler, but still above the average for this time of the year.’

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