Olivia Colman: ‘elimination race after The Favourite was depressing’

40e2aabf61f2e95280237a66e7fc2bc3 - Olivia Colman: 'elimination race after The Favourite was depressing'

The actress did not want to naaktscène play with Emma Stone.

Actress Olivia Colman found her elimination race after her role in The Favorite “pretty depressing”. It was a struggle to keep the weight to lose that they had to eat for the role.

The actress plays the British queen Anne in the kostuumdrama in which two cousins fighting for the attention of the eighteenth-century monarch. Instead of making use of props to thick to look like, decided Olivia in a natural way.

“I had a lot of food, so that was pretty fun,” said the 44-year-old Britain’s Daily Express. “Queen Anne was very large, and Yorgos Lanthimos wanted to see that. I did not want dentures, so I have a few months a hearty meal, which was nice.” She admitted that there is no idea or tactic was behind the way, for her weight gain.

Olivia finally came about 35 pounds for the role, but the weight loss of the excess weight proved to be much more difficult than they had expected. “It was pretty depressing”, she continued. “Because it is so easy came to it, but it was not that easy!”

The historical film required that the Broadchurch star a liefdesscène had to record with baroness Abigail Masham, a role of Emma Stone. Recently unveiled Colman that she had refused a naaktscène.

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