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Merry Christmas :)

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Crypto wishes you a merry Christmas

Dear readers,

Christmas is coming and the year 2018 is coming to an end.
At this point, we want to you even during the difficult period since the beginning of the year is always interested in crypto enthusiasts were, or even were, and Express our thanks.
Currently in bearish phase, in which by a lot of media fear and doubt fomented what relates to the future of the crypto market, it is for us (and other crypto and Blockchain related projects) all the more important, loyalty to the supporters.

We hope that we can also count in the new year 2019 remains on you, regardless of whether the market becomes a bull market, sideways or even more crashes. We firmly believe in a bright future for crypto currencies and we hope that you, too, share these Beliefs.

In this sense, we wish you and your families and friends happy holidays and a good Start into the new (crypto)year.

On the classes like you always hold and 2019, the last year in the butt!

Your Crypto Ticker Team

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