‘May not have drones at Gatwick’

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There is still no conclusive evidence that there last week, drones were active in the vicinity of the airport London Gatwick. As a precaution, hundreds of flights cancelled, but it was possible, therefore, that is not at all necessary.

Detectives close the piste, report British media. Jason Tingley of the police of Sussex points out on the BBC that there is still no footage of drones near the airport. ‘It is always a possibility that the observations are a mistake, he added.

There were 67 reports of people who claim to be a drone to have seen. But the image of a flying drone in the airspace around Gatwick is missing. The officers go so completely on testimonials.

Broken drone

Speuracties of the police yielded nothing. British media are reporting that there will be in the vicinity of the airport, a destroyed drone is found. But whether that has anything to do with the problems of last week is not yet clear. It is not clear who the drone belongs to, and who with the unit flew.


This weekend was a couple arrested in connection with the case. After interrogation, however, showed that they certainly nothing to do with drones at Gatwick. They were Sunday already released. Other suspects would be there for the moment.


After the reports of the presence of a drone is based on a targeted storingsactie. Because a collision with an aircraft would have serious consequences, were Wednesday to Friday, a large portion of the flights cancelled. So about 140,000 passengers had to put their holiday plans to customize.


The management of the airport remains bored with the case. For those who have a golden tip, in case, London Gatwick a reward of 50,000 pounds veil.

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