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Max Verstappen as F1-pilot ‘mature’ become

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With his 21 year Max Verstappen still up to the ‘youngsters’ on the starting grid of the Formula 1, though he has already had four seasons of experience in the sport. And that experience begins according to Ross Brawn, the sports director of the Formula 1, more by to seep in how Verstappen behaves.

The beginning of the past seasons was still turbulent for Verstappen. The Dutchman became involved in several incidents, but as the season progressed was that less and less the case. Verstappen started getting better and was becoming less and less errors to catch.

According to Brawn is Stumbling more and more ‘adult’ and that without his speed and aggression on the job to lose. Verstappen managed to have two races to win, and will by the departure of team-mate Daniel Ricciardo now more than ever, the spearhead of Red Bull. These are all things that, according to Brawn in favor of the Dutchman.

“It’s easy to forget how young he is,” said the sports director of the Formula 1. “If you look at yourself at that age, given the interest in which he stands and the pressure that he has to deal, he does it very well.”

“We see that Max has matured is become and at the same time, nothing of his speed and aggression has lost. He is just calmer in terms of how he tackles.”

“In the right car and the right team, he is certainly someone that a world champion can be. Max will be in 2019 within his team also to be the reference.”

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