Kourtney Kardashian makes photoshop-blunder

413cac3246da32b39f11323ced8fd6b3 - Kourtney Kardashian makes photoshop-blunder

Photoshop and the Kardashians appears to be no good marriage. Also, Kim and Kendall were in the past an error.

Fans of Kourtney Kardashian have been completely losgegaan on her latest Instagram post, in which they themselves very very gephotoshopt seems to have. The realityster posted a snapshot of herself in a revealing dress next to a christmas tree and santa claus, but it seems that in her enthusiasm, her legs almost wiped out.

“I love watches and diamonds…and a house on the beach?”, writes Kourtney on her picture. Her followers responded not to her text, but wondered where her legs had remained. The Kardashian seems to be her thighs and lower legs such a way as to have corrected, that they hardly exist anymore. “She looks pretty good, but she only has no legs,” writes a follower. Another responds: “Joh…Photoshop much?!”.

Kourtney is not the first Kardashian that the photoshopping something too ambitious approach. Also her sisters Kim and Kendall were earlier accused of to very edit their photos, creating an unnatural image was displayed.

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